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She got a part-time job so that she could study at college.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Shamim unwrapped the scarf from his around his face.

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Heinz is an expert at throwing knives.

Students were throwing snowballs at each other.

I can't remember her address.

We have a party tomorrow evening.

I'll dream about you.

We have it on order and it should be in next week.

She would often play tricks on me.

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Sarah is a sports fanatic.

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I got here at 2:30.

Uri is just an assistant.

They gave us one last chance.

Don't talk with your mouth full.

It's really dark in here. I can't see anything.

Although the journalist was a guest of the independent candidate for a Chinese district council, the current government sent a group of eight men who stood in a tight semi-circle in front of her door to block his entry. When she then appeared at the window of the house, they used a large piece of sheet metal to block a second attempt to interview her.

I want him to apologize.

He hasn't eaten for three days.

Should we be worrying about what's going to happen?


He was in despair over health problems.

I'm majoring in sociology.

Janice was accustomed to being on his own.

Hosni Mobarak has only one friend. It's Israel.

You can let him go.

I don't go to school on Sundays.

"We do not work for gain," answered the Fox. "We work only to enrich others."

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She's a woman of many talents.

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If you choose to make capital out of this accident, I am naturally helpless. No gentleman but wishes to avoid a scene. Name your figure.


He's fast.

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I thought I was cool.

As a cook he is in a class by himself.

The doctor advised him to give up smoking.

He falls in love with Aiesha.

This type of spider doesn't weave a web.

He is Sandayu Momochi.

I shouldn't have gone there by myself.


For centuries, astronomers believed that the Milky Way made up the entire universe. Hubble was among the first to show that the fuzzy patches in the sky seen through telescopes were other galaxies, not distant parts of the Milky Way.


I'd like you to pick up the pace a little on this job.

There's your answer.

That's also a bad idea.

Scram, you cats!

She dragged herself out of bed.

Antony won't be able to tell you anything.

The frost killed all the flowers.

He asked for some money.

It's very bitter.

In 1835, a barrel of flour cost six dollars.

Whoever is responsible for making this mess will have to clean it up.

There's nowhere for her to go.

The children want to play outside.

I should start dinner.

He's a bus driver.

I can't stand the cold here.

There was an awkward pause.

They were satisfied with the meals.

Do not reuse.

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There are no flowers growing on Mars.

I hope you know where you're going.

Louis Armstrong was an American musician.

He went abroad to raise fund for the project.

The contumacious student dared to gainsay his teacher.


Most of the students already understand this.

He didn't go, and neither did I.

Where can we find her?


Does Lum have a cat?


All the characters in this book are imaginary.

The plant shut down.

What I was looking for was right before my eyes.


Do you think she will like that?

Vick takes everything for granted.

They made the road more even.

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Dory hanged himself last night.


Where is the plane?


My mother does her usual shopping on her way home from work.

Herbert waited inside.

My daughter's getting all gussied up for her first date.

We should try doing this another way.

She needed 10.5 liters of nitric acid for the experiment.

We can't let Leo wander around the mall.

"Doesn't it seem to you that German is a very difficult language?" - "Yes, I think it is very difficult."

Let's meet in front of the theater.

Triantaphyllos's dog likes to be vacuumed.

I had not waited long before Ross came.

Ron told Raul that it was wrong to lie.


Do not read such a book.

My parents won't let me date.

It's still too cold to go down to the shore.

Most of us love our country.

Where's my car?


You've got to help him.

Yes, I understand. Thank you.

He is in love with her, but he tries to conceal his feelings.

I told her not to come here.

I don't know. I can't remember.

Let's begin by considering the similarities.

"Stop begging for a cookie, Tim," his mum said, "Remember, 'Children who ask get skipped.'"

Saiid got out of bed at 2:30 every morning.

My father doesn't let me go out alone at night.

"Well ask Maria to go to a movie with you, if you like her so much!" - "No, I'm afraid to!"

Diane likes blondes.


He is accused of kidnapping.

"The Crow and the Fox" is one of the most famous of La Fontaine's fables.

Well, that's a fair question. But here's another question. Don't you think that you are asking too many questions at once?


Sit back down. We're not leaving yet.


How about taking a walk with us?

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What about girls?

I knew they were lying!

I'm a little disappointed with my boys.

He is suffering from a cold.

Julie took Tareq to an Italian restaurant.

You have no right to open this box.

Are you sure you're feeling OK?

It is said that several victims of the tsunami think that the devestation they saw was the kind that made you cover your eyes.

Elwood is the person responsible for everything that happened.

Give me a call tonight.

What should I get?


I'm incredibly sick of living.

I told Hy he didn't need to come into the office today.

What questions do you have about Turkey?

Vance came home drunk from a party.

I hope to soon know much more than a few sentences in Dutch.

The value of the dollar is going up.

The industrious merchant worships his ancestors.


She'll be available around four o'clock.

It took a lot of effort to carry the sofa upstairs.

We need to be creative.


Robert used to help his father in the store on weekends.

I saw you cooking.

Revised tried to act casual.

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Your software needs to be updated periodically.

We like him.

In mid-winter, when all outside vegetation was bleak and bare, the Christmas-tree in our parlor bloomed in many-colored beauty and bounty.


I'd like to tell you, but I can't.

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That reporter has a nose for news.


Help me out here, will you, Juha?

This teen movie is really stupid.

Izzy never arrives on time.

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What is your opinion on school uniforms?

I don't think that this shirt suits a red tie.

We wanted to do so.

I felt as if I were an uninvited guest.

How did Nikolai know about this?

The girl wanted to monopolize her father's affection and tended to view her mother as a competitor.

You didn't pay.

Died at age 54.

I ran into an old friend of mine.

A crowd was gathering around him.

About a dozen trees had soon been planted.


I'm going to stay for another day or two.

Do you want your language to die?

Suzanne and Jeffrey work hard.

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Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday!

She has been busy preparing for her trip to the U.S.

The homework is due next Monday.

Don't put so much on your plate! You can always have seconds.

Sergio Garcia, a Spanish golfer, broke his putter over his knee on Friday after taking 32 putts in the second round of the Players' Championship.


If you weren't careless, your word processor wouldn't break down.

What're you going to do now?

I want to enjoy it.


Panzer didn't know anything about what was happening.

Those won't listen to me.

It's not too much to ask of you, to clean your own shoes, Straka.